Confectionary & Sweet Treats

For those who love a sweet treat we have a delicious range of biscuits, cakes, and confectionary.


No sweet treat selection is complete without chocolate.  As well as individual chocolate bars such as Mars Bars, Snickers and Twix, we sell family size bars of chocolate from famous brands such as Cadbury, Galaxy and Tony’s.  We  also stock small chocolate bars like Milky Bar and Cadburys, for those who want to buy a little sweet treat.

If you prefer sweets, we sell packets of famous brands like Haribo, Trebor mints, fruit pastilles and more.


We have several varieties of scrumptious biscuits, some produced locally in Steeton by the renowned Grandma Wilds.  Our range of biscuits includes tempting flavours like double chocolate chip, rhubarb crumble and fruity flapjack as well as some well-loved favourites like digestives and custard creams.


For those who enjoy a slice of cake we sell a delicious range of cakes which can include lemon drizzle, stem ginger and seasonal favourites like fruit cake.  Don’t forget to check our bakery counter for freshly baked treats such as traybakes and brownies.

Farmhouse Ice-cream by Just Jenny’s

In our freezer section you will find a range of ice cream flavours made in Halifax by Just Jenny’s.   Just Jenny’s use milk and cream from the family cows to make their ice cream and no artificial ingredients.  Available in big or small tubs there are lots of fabulous flavours including Lemon Meringue, Coffee Mocha, Salted Caramel Ripple, Honeycomb and Mint Chocolate chips.

You can also find family sized tubs of ice cream in various tempting flavours in our freezer, as well as individual ice creams and a lovely range of fruity ice pops.