Store Cupboard Foods

Your local village shop is well stocked with a wide range of store cupboard essentials.  Useful everyday staples like pasta and flour, as well as cooking ingredients, breakfast cereals and some mouth-watering sweet treats.

Tinned food

Our store cupboard section contains handy tinned foods such as mushy peas, tuna and corned beef.  We stock well-loved brands like Heinz baked beans, Heinz spaghetti hoops and Napolina tinned tomatoes.  We also sell a selection of tinned soups made by Heinz perfect for when you require instant comfort food in a hurry.

For dessert we sell a selection of tinned fruits, custard, and everyone’s favourite rice pudding made by Ambrosia.

Tinned foods

Cooking staples

We offer a wide variety of store cupboard staples including rice, pasta, couscous, and lentils.  You can purchase everything you need to create a delicious meal, including useful cooking ingredients such as tomato puree, stock cubes and oils.  We even sell handy dried herbs and spices such as coriander, mixed herbs and parsley.

In our store cupboard section you can find plenty of useful cooking ingredients such as tomato puree, stock cubes and oils.

store cupboard cooking staples

Condiments & sauces

Like every well stocked store cupboard we have a great range of condiments such as mustard, vinegars, salad cream, mayonnaise and Heinz tomato ketchup.  We even sell pickled beetroot and the very popular Henderson’s Relish.

We also stock packet sauces, jars of Dolmio readymade sauces and Bisto gravy powder.

Tea & coffee

Everyone loves a nice warm cuppa, and your local village store has well-loved brands of tea including Tetley’s and Yorkshire tea. 

Our instant coffees are popular brands such as Nescafe and Kenco, and we stock some beautiful tasting ground coffees.

For those who don’t drink caffeine we sell decaffeinated tea and coffee, Cadburys hot chocolate drink and a delicious selection of fruit infusions made by Taylors of Harrogate.

Jams, spreads & chutney

Whatever you like to spread on your toast, we probably have it in our store cupboard section.  We offer a selection of jams including delicious locally produced home-made jam.  Our shop has a lovely range of honeys produced locally by Denholme Gate honey, with interesting varieties such as Yorkshire heather moorlands honey and natural honeycomb.

If you are partial to Marmite on your toast we sell it, as well as peanut butter and tempting chocolate spread.

For those who like a little chutney in their sandwich, we sell chutney produced in Yorkshire, as well as Branston chutney and piccalilli.

Home baking

If you love to bake we sell a good selection of home baking ingredients, including a range of sugars including granulated, caster, light and dark brown sugar.  To finish your baking off in style, we sell icing sugar as well as the cherries to go on top of your cake.

Our home baking section also includes plain and self-raising flours.  For creating baked goods that are full of flavour we stock a range of spices including ginger, cinnamon and mixed spice.

Breakfast cereal

Our store cupboard section holds a range of breakfast cereals including well-loved brands like Kelloggs.  The breakfast cereals we stock include cornflakes, porridge oats, muesli and Weetabix.


We have some seriously tempting savoury snacks such as nuts, crisps and crackers.  Our range includes Nairn’s oat cakes, savoury biscuits and crackers.

If you like crisps we stock popular brands such as Walkers and Pringles.  If nibbling nuts is more your thing we sell a selection, including roasted peanuts and cashews.