Support Your Local Community


 East Morton Community Shop is registered as a society for the Benefit of the Community. This means that any profit made by the shop must be put back into the business so that it is sustainable for the future, or put back into the community in some other way.

The Community Shop supports the local economy by using local businesses wherever possible; we offer volunteering and training; work experience for volunteers and students in the village who wish to enhance their CV, complete their Duke of Edinburgh Awards,  and improve  future work prospects,  and we have created two new employment opportunities. Just as importantly, we operate as a Social Hub for the village of East Morton, supporting those who live alone, or who are frail, as well as being a safe and friendly place to visit for children and families. We aim to provide some of the goods and services needed by this village.

We are a new business run by volunteers and need lots of support in these early stages. A donation may help us make improvements or repairs to the building or the garden,  contribute to training, or to the overheads involved in running the business. By donating to East Morton Community Shop, you are putting something back into the heart of the Community.

Thank you for your support.

How to Donate

 As a registered society for the Benefit of the Community we appreciate each and every donation towards the running and improvement of our shop.  If you would like to donate please get in touch with us at , 07340-342500 or pop into the shop and speak to one of our volunteers.

A Special Thanks to Our Shareholders, Supporters and Funders