We have just reached our first birthday opening the shop on the 15th April 2019, and have much to celebrate. However, the timing, as you know,  has coincided with a major pandemic, which none of us could have foreseen or anticipated when we  opened one year ago. We planned to hold  an Annual Members Meeting on the 17th March, and launch a volunteer recruitment campaign, just as the Covid-19 situation began to escalate. Such a lot has happened since then and all of us  have experienced significant changes in our lives. We very much hope that you are all keeping well and safe, and coping with the current restrictions placed upon us.

The shop has stayed  open during this time and  and while the changes have presented challenges, with many of our older (and very active)volunteers reluctantly withdrawing for a while, new volunteers have stepped in to help. We have introduced stringent distancing measures in the shop along with  robust cleaning and hygiene regimes. This has enabled us to stay open and the feedback from customers has been helpful and supportive. We have been able to support  some of our more vulnerable residents and provide a safe place to shop for many in the community. 

There is much to report on about our first year and we have plans in place for the next year which we hope to share with you. We hope this will be the first of a quarterly newsletter and updates.

In the meantime  we wish you well and keep safe.

Best wishes 

Richard Tassell (on behalf of the East Morton Community Shop Management Group)